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5 Surprising Home Buyer Turn Offs

Putting your home on the market? Consider these common buyer turn-offs and make sure you're in good graces with potential buyers.

Dirty or Crowded Homes

It can't be overstated how important it is to de-clutter and clean. Buyers want to look at your home, not your things. 

New Upgrades Done To A Specific Taste

Upgrading your kitchen can be a wise investment before listing your home. Just make sure you do it in a neutral style, as no one wants to rip out something that's been recently renovated.

Irrational Seller Expectations

Be realistic about where your home sits relative to the market. Overpricing can spell disaster when it comes to selling a home.

Bad Listing Photos

Make sure online listing photos show your home in the best light, and give a true sense of the space. And again, no clutter. 

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